vSphere 5.1 Update1 מה תוקן #3 – SRM

אז מה תוקן ב-SRM? אני רושם רק את הדברים שעיניינו אותי אישית:

Duplicate volumes appear in the Devices tab in the Array Managers view in the SRM UI.

This problem occurs when the target number of a LUN is the same as the source number of another LUN. This UI problem has been fixed.

Rescans of datastores on recovery site fail due to storage devices not being ready.

SRAs can send responses to SRM before a promoted storage device on the recovery site has become available to the ESXi hosts. When SRM receives a response from an SRA, it performs a rescan of the storage devices. If the storage devices are not fully available yet, ESXi Server does not detect them and SRM does not find the replicated devices when it performs rescans. Datastores are not created and recovered virtual machines cannot be found.

Workaround: If you experience problems with unavailable datastores, SRM 5.1.1 provides a new setting to allow you to delay the start of rescans after an SRA promotes a storage device.

  1. Right-click an SRM site and select Advanced Settings.
  2. Click storageProvider.
  3. Set the storageProvider.hostRescanDelaySec parameter to delay the start of storage rescans by a number of seconds. A value from 20 to 180 is reasonable.
  4. Restart the SRM service.

NOTE: In previous releases, you might have used the storageProvider.hostRescanRepeatCnt parameter to introduce a delay in recoveries. Use the new storageProvider.hostRescanDelaySec parameter instead.

Timeouts occur with the error to "Cannot find replicated datastore due to timeout of HBA rescan operation".

This has been fixed to improve detection of the error and the error message for timeouts during host rescan operations.

Custom recovery steps do not stop virtual machines from powering on before IP customization.

If you insert a custom recovery step after the "create writable storage snapshot" step in a test recovery or after the "change recovery site storage to writable" step in a real recovery, and if you have configured the virtual machine for IP customization, the recovery plan does not wait for the custom recovery step to complete before powering on the virtual machine. This has been fixed.

If SRM stops unexpectedly while testing a recovery plan, SRM stops again when you attempt to rerun the test.

SRM stopping unexpectedly when testing a recovery plan results in SRM always stopping when you attempt to rerun the plan. This is due to an assertion check on the state of a virtual machine, which, as the result of the prematurely terminated test recovery, is in an invalid state. This has been fixed.